Beatty Ford Island  
by Tom Wu
MArchII student project
John Zissovici and Paul Soulellis
Cornell Department of Architecture
   In Google Earth, the manifold of the earth’s sphere is subjected to scanning, conducted by NASA utilizing radio interferometric principles. The resulting Digital Elevation Model, is analogous to stereoscopic vision – whereby differences between two simultaneous instances accrue, such that 1 + 1 = 3. The extra dimensionality is harvested from interference patterns, derived from the procedure of paired scanning, as the means to generate the manifold of an atlas. In gleaning/scanning, unintentional disturbances inevitably occur, thus at unpredictable, but site-specific conditions there emerge moments that manifest a reversal of intentionality. The process reciprocates, becomes projective and informing, resulting in novel forms produced amidst a disjuncture between networks of physical and virtual/immaterial processes of imaging.