La Linea  
by Milena Zindovic
MArch II Studio Project
John Zissovici and Yanni A. Loukissas
Cornell Department of Architecture
  This research project explores the boundary between Street View and Google Earth, the ‘real’ and the virtual City, the physical and the information space. Google Earth has a Street View feature that uses dissolve as a transition between the two. But instead of inhabiting a blurred world in-between, the project explores the changing nature of the line, the edge that separates them. Search for the disparities and similarities of these two different districts lead to a new definition of the City edge.
The user group, the graffiti artists of New York City, provided a graphic language for exploring the space between Street View and Google Earth, the New City made by their merging. The edge, presented as a continuous line that changes and transforms on its path through the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn following one of the subway lines favored by early graffiti artists, redefines and proposes new elements of the City.