Districts of The New York Times  
by Elizabeth Suarez and Benjamin Widger
Seminar Project
Yanni A. Loukissas
Cornell Department of Architecture
  Millions of people understand New York City not by walking through its streets but through electronic media. Their conception of the city is shaped by news stories and images rather than the nearest subway stop. How can we modify Kevin Lynch’s elements of a city to reflect the collective image of non-natives? As an international news source and a local paper, the New York Times has an outsized impact on the world’s image of New York. Its articles project the concerns of the local population onto the world stage. Using data mined from the Times API, we created a diagram of manhattan based on the newsworthiness of its neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is represented as a circle whose area is proportional to the number of times it’s mentioned in the paper. By also including changes over time, we’re offering an image of the city that reflects the transient nature of information rather than the concrete reality of its physical presence.